“Know Your Blood Pressure” QIH celebrates World Hypertension Day

World Hypertension Day is celebrated every year on 17 th of May since 2005 to raise the common public awareness about the hypertension through the variety of activities and events. The theme for World Hypertension Day is know your numbers with a goal of increasing high blood pressure awareness in all populations around the world. Hypertension is a condition called high blood pressure during which the arterial blood pressure raises to high level from the normal level(120/80) and hypertension is also called as silent killer.

Quaid- e-Azam international Hospital organized an “Awareness walk” on World Hypertension Day in which doctors, paramedical staff of Quaid e Azam International Hospital participated to promote public awareness of hypertension to deal with this disease. All participants were provided with the red caps and and gifts to commemorate this Day.

At the end of walk Maj General (R) Zafarul Islam and Brig (R) Dr Halim addressed theparticipants and told them about preventive and control measures with regards to hypertension. They said high blood pressure causes various complications in the body and may lead to the major risk of the heart attack, kidney failure, eye disorder even lead to death. According to the statistics by WHO, around the world there three out of ten people are suffering from hypertension worldwide. Approximately 1.8 billion of the people globally are suffering from hypertension and the most surprising thing is 50% of them are totally unaware of their condition and some of them who are aware of their condition do not take any medical treatment for their blood pressure.

Chief Executive Officer and founder of QIH Dr. Shoukat Ali Bangash , in his address highlighted the objectives of celebrating this awareness campaign which motivate the common public in their regular check up their blood pressure at least once a year. He encouraged the people suffering from hypertension to go to their doctors for regular check up and get proper treatment. He thanked to all participants and media for creating awareness among the public on this important day.

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