Liver Transplant Programme of QIH Approved

The Human Organ Transplant Authority (HOTA) has officially approved the Liver Transplant Programme of Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital (QIH).

The approval was accorded after the head of HOTA Brigadier Dr. Aamer Ikram examined the liver transplant infrastructure at QIH during a formal inspection visit and found all requirements as per HOTA's checklist having been fulfilled for approval of the said programme.

Meanwhile, an official delegation of top liver transplant surgeons from Beijing Friendship Hospital (BFH), China, visited the Hepatology and Liver Transplant Programme at QIH from January 25-28. The visit took place as part of the International Linkage Scheme of the hospital's Liver Transplant Programme, whereby top five international liver transplant surgeons from China, UK, Turkey, India and Pakistan have already agreed to support the liver transplant programme of QIH.

The visiting BFH team participated in various day-to-day activities of the Hepatology and Liver Transplant Department including outpatient consultations for transplant patients, a multidisciplinary team meeting to discuss difficult cases for management decisions, ward rounds of existing patients, supervision of complex HPB surgery cases in the hospital, as well as interactions with different management and professional teams to streamline a long-term working relationship between the two teams.

The visiting team also met officials from HOTA, Planning Commission, and senior officials from the Prime Minister's Grievance and Public Affairs Wing to brief them about the ongoing collaboration between QIH and BFH.

"Government stakeholders have greatly appreciated this collaboration plan and have described it as one of the cornerstones of Pak-China health cooperation as part of the 'One Belt One Road' and CPEC projects," the hospital's CEO Dr. Shaukat Bangash stated.

The visiting team expressed trust in the abilities of Dr Najam and his team, who have set up a state-of-the-art infrastructure and brand new liver transplant service at QIH in a short period of time. The visiting faculty specifically highlighted the importance of the Hepatology team that has been assembled at n QIH and appreciated it for providing the base for a sustained liver transplant service.

According to Dr. Najam, the Liver Transplant Programme at QIH has many new features including a dedicated liver transplant infrastructure, an appropriately paid liver transplant team, a cheaper and affordable liver transplant package for all patients, and a great linkage programme with five top class international liver transplant.

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