World Kidney Day and World Dietitians Day celebrated at QIH

Islamabad: March 08, 2018: The Quaid e Azam International Hospital (QIH) celebrated World Kidney Day and World Dietitians Day today. This year the theme for the World Kidney Day is:  ‘Kidneys & Women’s Health: Include, Value, Empower.’ Dr. Shaukat Ali Bangash, founder and CEO, Quaid e Azam International Hospital, was the Chief Guest at the ceremony.

Eminent speakers from QIH and other hospitals delivered speeches on the occasion. An awareness walk at QIH was also organized which was attended by a large number of people from within and outside of hospital. World Kidney Day and the International Women’s Day 2018 were organized on the same day every year in order to provide provide the opportunity to reflect on the importance of women’ s health and the importance of dietary planning. Since the first campaign celebrated some eleven years ago, the World Kidney Day (WKD) has become a global phenomenon. On March 8, 2018, medical professionals, government officials, the general public and patients joined World Kidney Day activities in Pakistan.

Ayeza Umer a consultant dietician of QIH said that diet is the foremost prerequisite for a healthy living. Its balance, nutritional values, awareness of harmful elements, identification of healthy food etc. all are a huge science to keep human healthy. Let’s pay a token of respect and appreciation that spend their entire lives to learn about nutrition and distribute health at all through their wisdom, advice and practice.

While delivering the lecture on World kidney day, Prof. Brig (r). Abdul Halim, HOD medicine and nephrology of QIH said, make your kidneys healthy by regular monitoring of your blood pressure as high blood pressure lead to the heart attack or stroke and causes kidney damage. To control Blood sugar in Diabetic patients as 40% of patients with Diabetes mellitus can have Kidney Disease. This event celebration encourages people to adopt healthy lifestyle and dietary changes, discuss their problems with doctor, monitor blood pressure on regular basis etc.

Dr Shaukat Ali Bangash CEO QIH while speaking as a chief guest said that Islam put a lot of emphasis on simple life style and some very basic things like drinking water make us enjoy our life through this blessing and get away with many problems such as  kidney diseases etc. It is noticed that when people live simply they live happier lives, likewise going to bed early is also one of the Islamic teachings and in today’s world it is proved that this a blessing and is easily taken care of all these habits can contribute  to healthy life style free of blood pressure, sugar and kidney diseases. Adopting and teaching simple life style will pave a way for the future generation to live a life which is full of happiness and healthy content.

In the recent past, World Kidney Days have been held in more than 90 countries around the world. The objectives this year will be to raise awareness about the "amazing kidney", highlight that diabetes and high blood pressure are key risk factors for chronic kidney disease (CKD), encourage systematic screening of all patients with diabetes and hypertension and encourage preventive behaviors. Educate all medical professionals about their key role and stress the important role of local and national health authorities in controlling chronic kidney disease epidemics.

The Dietitians Day, also celebrated on March 8, is a special day dedicated to dietitians. The Day seeks recognition of dietitians as proper healthcare professionals who are committed to using their specialized knowledge and skills to translate the science of nutrition into terms everyone can understand to unlock the potential of food and support healthy living habits.

This is the ninth year of celebrating Dietitians Day, which helps raise the profile of all dietitians and encourages and attracts others to the profession.

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