Quaid-E-Azam International Hospital, Islamabad Celebrates its 4th Anniversary

QIH celebrated its 4th anniversary on December 26, 2015. All the consultants and hospital staff attended the program. The Founder and CEO of QIH, Dr. Shaukat Ali Bangash was the Chief Guest.

The chief operating officer of the hospital Mr. Sadaqat Ali Baig made a presentation to show the progress of various departments for the last four years. Discussing the year wise progress, he said that the hospital witnessed incredible growth in all the departments as per hospital performance indicators. Addressing the gathering, the chief guest said that the four years progress inspires us with hope and confidence to succeed in our endeavors of achieving the vision of a healthy Pakistan. He congratulated all the share holders, consultants and the staff of Q.I.H for their dedication and hard work in achieving this progress. Director Surgery, Dr. Khalid Saleem Aslam while presenting a welcome address said that at this momentous and historic occasion we are honored to have excellent doctors and staff that put their relentless efforts during the past four years to achieve the marvelous progress which is something now a dream comes true. Also, Brig (Retd). Sahibzada Abdul Haleem, Head of Medicine and Nephrology delivered a vote of thanks and pay tribute to Dr. Shaukat Ali Bangash and the staff of the hospital.

At the end, The CEO awarded the shields to the best performers of the various departments of the hospital.

Galary for the event can be viewed from here.

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