Senior Liver Tranplant Surgeon's Visit To Q.I.H.

Hepatology & Liver Transplantation program at Quaid-e-Azam International Hospitals, Islamabad hosted two liver transplant surgeons from United Kingdome yesterday.

Professor Paolo Muisan is a consultant hepatobiliary and liver transplant surgeon at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, United Kingdom, and Professor Khalid Shareef works at the Birmingham Children Hospital as a consultant liver transplant surgeon, both centers being one of the largest liver transplant programs in Europe.

This visit is part of a special faculty linkage program started by the head of the Hepatology & Liver transplantation program at Quaid-e-Azam International Hospitals, Dr Najmul Hassan Shah, to try and create a center of excellence in liver transplantation in Pakistan that is supported by a large central pool of national and international faculty who will be willing to participate in a regular visiting program to perform transplant surgery here in Pakistan to not only provide a high quality service in living donor liver transplantation but also enable a number of budding Pakistani liver transplant surgeons to work closely with these experienced, safe and highly skilled national and international faculty to increase the base of transplant surgery in the country. It is important to acknowledge that the Hepatology & Liver Transplantation program at Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital is supported by the founder and CEO of QIH, Dr. Shaukat Ali Bangash, who has invited Dr Najam to relocate to QIH and assured to provide full resources to enable him to develop a much bigger liver transplant program than his previous attempt in a local hospital where Dr najam created a successful liver transplant program as a founder director of the program between 2009 till 2015.

The two visiting professors were received by COO Mr. Sadaqat Ali Baig and after a brief introduction with the faculty and management team showed them around to share the Hepatology & Liver Transplant infrastructure and different departments of the hospital. The two professors subsequently attended a briefing about the Hepatology & Liver Transplant program and the plans and concepts about what exactly being created.

Professor Paolo appreciated the conception, planning and work of the team and offered a number of important advises to make the program more sustainable. He agreed with the need for developing a bigger and larger program and fully supported the idea of the creation of a central pool of national and international faculty to develop a safe and more sustainable service in living donor transplantation, a model specially proposed for this program. Professor Khalid Shareef also appreciated the work done and the progress made so far by the team and highlighted the challenges in practical application of this special model with many suggestions to try and improve a smooth functioning of the scheme. Both Professor’s acknowledged the potential of QIH to host a living donor liver transplant program as long as full resources are provided according to the commitments made by the management of the hospital.

The COO Mr Sadaqat Ali Baig thanked the visiting professors for their gestures of friendship and professionalism for accepting the visit and coming over all the way from UK to support Dr. Najam and his team to provide valuable input and advice in developing this new program. He assured the team of the binding commitment of the CEO and Founder of QIH, Mr. Shaukat Ali Bangash, to provide all possible resource and support to realize this goal. It is important to note that another renowned liver transplant surgeon, Professor Subash Gupta, has already accepted an invitation to visit QIH on the 9th March 2017. Professor Gupta will spend a whole day at QIH with plans to deliver a guest lecture, inspect the liver transplant infrastructure and hospital, carry out a small out patients clinic to meet his already transplanted patients and any new patients who might be interested to take advise from him. Patients who already underwent a transplant by Professor Gupta are encouraged to contact Miss Tasleem Begum, the liver transplant coordinator, on telephone number 03325439698 to book an appoint to see professor Gupta

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