Amina Imran


Office Extention:




Ms. speech and language pathology /therapy2013Riphah International University, Islamabad.
Msc. Behavioral Sciences2003Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi


  • • Held a seminar on “aspiration pneumonia and instrumental assessment of Dysphagia” at Quaid e Azam International Hospital,Islamabad in 2016
  • • Held a seminar on Cleft palate and it’s assessment/interventions at Quaid e Azam International in 2016
  • • Attended a Seminar on Assistive Communication Technology in January 2016
  • • Attended 2nd International and 4th National conference physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. April 2015 with 2 CME points.
  • • Attended National conference on rehabilitation Sciences. May 2015
  • • Attended 1st international and 3rd national conference on physical medicine and rehabilitation 2014
  • • Workshop on assistive communication technology and it’s implementations 2016
  • • Workshop on Autism Spectrum Disorder and it’s interventions 2016
  • • Workshops on introduction to oral placement therapy 2015
  • • Workshops on picture exchange communication system 2015
  • • Workshops on clinical decision making in hearing impairment 2015
  • • Workshops on dysphagia and therapeutic interventions in stroke patients 2013
  • • Workshops on Autism and autistic spectrum disorders and their treatment plans 2013
  • • Workshops on voice disorders and their therapeutic interventions. 2013.
  • • Workshops on sensory difficulties and their therapeutic interventions in children 2013
  • • Workshops on eidetic image therapy 2010
  • • Workshops on drama by Pakistan National council of Arts.

Work Experence:

  • • Joined Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital, Islamabad as speech and language pathologist in 2012 and still job continued.
  • • Clinical experience in CDC (child development center). Dealing speech and language delayed children. Their assessments and therapeutic intervention plans. 2010-2011.


  • Reseach work on •Prevalence of voice disorders in telemarketers.
  • reseach work on• Relationship of stress and well being in air traffic controllers
  • publication on :“Prevalence of voice disorders in telemarketers” 2015. Published in Riphah journal of rehabilitation sciences.
  • Presently working on a project of developing a communication device for special population. This project is Pakistan's very first communication device made to meet the needs and requirements of the individuals who could not communicate themselves.
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